Future of Construction Industry – Walking the roads of Digitization

The construction and infrastructure industry has grown exponentially in the recent years and we’re not blind to this growth or it’s future. The results are shockingly BIG and right in front of our eyes every time we leave the house. Highly expansive roads, buildings with shapes we could only dream of and the infrastructure overall […]

FIFA World Cup 2022 and Pro Inspector’s Contribution

We were proud to see Pro Inspector contributing its bit in the construction of the world’s largest cricket stadium – Motera Stadium. Now we have yet another reason to be proud because this time Pro inspector is contributing its bit in the construction of the Al Rayyan Stadium in Qatar which is a proposed venue […]

Helping climate change, helping solve problems!

For the last 5 years, SHLOKLABS has made it a habit of reaching out to our customers and present them with a small gift. This year, along with our gifts, I thought of showcasing a small estimate on the number of papers we’ve helped our customers save this year. Our digital solution – Pro Inspector is being used in […]

Industry 4.0 – Digitizing with PRO-INSPECTOR in 2020

Industrial Revolution has always been that one big step for mankind which has helped reach places only once dreamed of. Today, we’re treading on the path where technology is improving at a very rapid rate thanks to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, simply called as Industry 4.0. INDUSTRY 4.0 – THE BIGGEST REVOLUTION The Fourth Industrial […]

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