We were proud to see Pro Inspector contributing its bit in the construction of the world’s largest cricket stadium – Motera Stadium. Now we have yet another reason to be proud because this time Pro inspector is contributing its bit in the construction of the Al Rayyan Stadium in Qatar which is a proposed venue for the FIFA World Cup 2022!

Digital Goal-Keeping with Pro Inspector

Pro Inspector has been traveling the breadth and width at L&T Constructions. We would even say that quite a few people at L&T know Pro Inspector so well that they could sometimes even be considered better than us. Of course, it’s natural. We developed the software to solve their business problems. Because they an in-depth understanding of the business and a very good understanding of Pro Inspector, they give a very tough fight to our team members on who is a better SME(Subject Matter Expert).

How Pro Inspector helps win games

Pro Inspector is being used by the engineers at Al Rayyan for doing their pre-handover snag tests digitally. Doing a snag test with pen and paper in a construction project, be in an apartment or a stadium is one of the most cumbersome activities for a site or quality engineer.

In a usual snag audit, just in an apartment, we notice that an average checklist crosses 900 points. Imagine if we have to do this with pen and paper, especially for a stadium. And if you have to report non-conformities and track them to closure, it’s a headache.

While Al Rayyan is a very specific case, a football stadium of its dimensions needs some very specific features and customization, which we delivered to team L&T.

Thank you team L&T once again, this is yet another opportunity for Pro Inspector.

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