Industrial Revolution has always been that one big step for mankind which has helped reach places only once dreamed of. Today, we’re treading on the path where technology is improving at a very rapid rate thanks to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, simply called as Industry 4.0.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) aims to achieve something bigger and different. It aims to unite humans with technology and connect them even stronger and safer than ever before. Amid the emergence of the fourth industrial revolution in the past few decades, digital technology has soared through the skies! With newly found technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Self-Automated Cars, Cloud Services and even the Internet of Things (IoT) merging into our day to day lives, the revolution has already begun. Industrial Leaders have all set their eyes on implementing Digital transformation using these new technologies into their workings and that too at haste, a bold decision fitting of their stature.


The race to Digitization has begun with huge Organizations adapting to the new technologies and are using them to improve their industrial involvement even further. The goal here is to turn physical into digital allowing an organization to have better collaboration and access with various departments such as research, quality, development, production, and maintenance. This race will definitely turn the industry by bringing profitability, productivity, efficiency, security, accessibility, transformation, management, etc. and reward those who tread first, handsomely.

Now is your chance to get into the race and make your organization greater and well equipped than ever before. This is why Pro – Inspector is here to help!


To keep a business healthy and to meet the compliance, Inspections & Audits are necessary. Pro – Inspector is an enterprise digital transformation solution for Inspections, Audits and Field Services which is 100% paperless. It works on your Android, iOS and even desktop computers.

Pro – Inspector digitizes your end to end Inspection, Audits and compliance management in line with industry 4.0 Standards.


Brakes India, a globally rooted multibillion-dollar corporation and one of our clients, manufactures brakes for vehicles of all kinds around many countries. Holding more than 70% of market share, It is the largest Brakes system supplier in India and their portfolio includes calipers, actuators, drum brakes, valves, hose ABS, etc. They are the leading supplier of their products to OEMs’ like MSIL, TATA, Toyota, Daimler, Volvo, Honda, Volkswagen, etc.

By recognizing many international standards like IATF -16949, ISO: 14001, BS OSHAS 18001, EnMS, 50001,etc they as a company are required to keep quality management systems in line and ensure compliance from time to time. Hence they have multiple management system audits being carried out at the same time.

Therefore, they decided to go digital in line with Industry 4.0 and found Pro – Inspector on the same front. After that, it just clicked and the process was atomized completely without the use of any paper at all. Pro – Inspector has really stood up to all challenges and proven itself to Brakes India who is implementing the application in other business functions like Supplier Quality Audits and Process Audits.

Brakes India Comments…

“The team at SHLOKLABS, they were able to really seamlessly work and bring out the product in very record time. Our average time for a lease of the audit report is 8 days. Now we have reset the target to 2 days, which is actually a 75% reduction in the time for releasing the report.  It is a complete solution provider for the manual work we did previously.”

R. Vasu

(Vice President | Brakes India Centre of Excellence)


Absolutely not!!! Pro – Inspector is the best digital Software for all the challenges you face in your industry like Quality Management, Safety Management System Landscape pertaining to Inspections, Audits, Field related activities, and other Safety related activities.

Apart from the automotive industry, Pro – Inspector has been a proven implementation in multiple industries such as

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Pro – Inspector’s Evolution:

Equipping organizations and ourselves with new technology to help make business activities feel richer and dynamic has always been the goal. From the beginning to the place we stand at now, Pro – Inspector has steadily taken bigger steps to improve itself in the best way possible.

Pro – Inspector cracked the industry with its first desktop application way back in 2009 and has made steady progress throughout the years in implementing new and favorable technology that can help organizations grow and become more productive. Below is the list of changes Pro – Inspector has gone through over the years.

Humble Beginnings | Version 1: Pro – Inspector’s first appearance was a desktop application that could be used with field auditing for several business industries. However, that wasn’t the limit to what Pro – Inspector could do or become.

The Big Move | Version 2: Our first step towards a paperless future was with significant changes that happened with the desktop application of Pro – Inspector. In version 2, the Pro – Inspector was made available through remote web portal and software compatibility to iPads was also made possible giving our customers a truly wireless and hassle-free experience.

Spreading the Wings | Version 3: In version 3 Pro – Inspector brought even more in-depth configuration for several certifications for many industries and also back end support for our software. The Software adapted to more convenient technology which made the application much faster and prolific. This added more channels through which the product could travel and reach new places. In addition, software compatibility for Windows tablets was made possible as well.

Big Steps | Version 4: The age of Smartphones was upon us and they were ubiquitous. It was a big opportunity for Pro – Inspector where it could carry its software compatibility to more IOS devices and the majority of Android devices. Because of these new outlets, Pro – Inspector transformed into a completely remote and accessible application at all times. Our UI was also given an overhaul to make it even milder and crisp to manage. User experience has been at its best ever since.

What Future Holds | Version 5 and Onwards: Pro – Inspector’s run has been very fruitful so far and it would keep moving the same for the future as well. We will look constantly for technologies we can absorb to make your business procedures better with our SME experts. Stay tuned with our updates. Subscribe to our Newsletter à



Digitalization, a word that is equally exciting as it is frightening to organizations depending on their standings. It is not a secret anymore that digitization is the future of your business. Below are a few reasons that will help you understand a company’s dire need to adopt digitization:

With Pro – Inspector’s help, this race will feel more exciting and rewarding. Join it today!

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