The work permit system has become a vital part of empowering safety measures in numerous industries. Organizations that have their employees working in dangerous locations or sites are actively looking to improve their permit-to-work systems and Pro Inspector is here to help them.

What is Work Permit?

A work permit is a document form used to authorize the jobs that endanger workers to serious accidents. It acknowledges the work to be done, the hazards involved and the necessary steps and precautions required for the job. These jobs include working in confined or elevated locations to repair, maintain or build structures.

Objectives and Challenges:


Objectives of Work Permit


The bottom line goal of a work permit system in any company is to prevent accidents from occurring. However, the implementation and management of an active work permit system can prove to be a daunting task by itself. Also, the amount of traveling a work-permit forgoes between different parties is a lot and then there are the waiting times for approvals which make the whole cycle very inefficient and slow-moving.

Even in this day of the digital age, organizations are struggling to find a proper solution to help their case. It is not that the solutions to their problems are scarce, but that the solutions are bad. The difficulties they face in adopting digital solutions are as such:


Let Pro Inspector do all the Dangerous Work:


Height Work


With the digital suite Pro Inspector and its core work permit management system, a business can benefit greatly. It can streamline its inevitably longer cycle into a much smaller cycle and experience up to 75% more faster and effective workflow. This would be the result of the following features within Pro Inspector that help an organization with managing its safety measures seamlessly:


Those were some of the most significant features of Pro Inspector in regards to the Work Permit activity. Convinced or not, here’s a link you’re going to need:

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